Netizens' Parliament

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We are a group of people who believe in Dem.ocr.acy.
Our goals:
to promote dem.ocr.atic;
to push forward ins.tit.uti.onal ref.orm;
to enlarge poli.tical involvement; and,
to protect the common people of their rig.hts.

Our principles:
Transparency: all funds and expenditures should be released to be known by the members; no secret activity should be committed by this group. Legality: no inconstitutional or illegal activities should be organized by this group; no violence.
Independence: we would not accept governmental funds or any fund based on political conditions.

Our activities:
promotion of democracy and law;
legal aid to the members or grassroots in need of that;
poverty-reduction activities;
political activities if granted by law.

Our organization (if possible):
general commission, secretariat, and oversighting board.

The General Commission should be presided by a Chair, and it should contain committees like: fund and expenditure, law and rights, public policy, etc. The Secretariat should be directed by a Secretary-General, and it should contain departments like: fiscal, organization, propaganda, polling, etc.

The main task of the Oversighting Board should be preventing the officials in partisan offices and administrative offices (from this group) from corruption and abuse of power; it was not granted to supervise the plain members.

Directors of the Secretariat departments should be selected by the Secretary-general. The fiscal department is set up for fiscal operation, and it should expend willingly but according to the resolutions of the General Commission. The Organization Department should manage the archives and websites etc according to the resolutions of the GC . The members of the secretariat and the oversighting board should not try to be elected into an administrative office of the state; they should work solely in the partisan office.
When meeting, the Chair of the GC should not do more than organizing the agenda and keep the meeting procedure.

The members of the GC and the OB should be elected by all the members of the Party. The Chair of the GC should be elected by the members of the GC, and he should have the right to select the secretary-general who will be appointed with the agreement of the GC. The appointment of the directors of the Secretariat should be agreed by the GC, too.

Generally the members in different areas of the country should be connected by the convenors in the corresponding areas. If possible, the members from a particular area could organize their own commission for that area; it should be organized and works according to the willing of its own members and those who elected it.
Every four years the General Commission should be re-elected and a new Chair, a new Secretary-general and new Secretariat directors then derived. The tenure of Oversighting Board members are six years and every two years one third of them should be re-elected. The oversighting board should have their own chief whether elected ou selected by the members.
The Members’ Rights: None of the rights enshrined in the constitution could be deprived by joining this group. The members also be guaranteed with the rights to vote in both partisan elections and decision making procedures .

The Members’ Obligations:
the partisan cadres and the members who hold public office positions should be kept from corruption or abuse of power. All the members should be polite when discussing or debating in the partisan forums or conferences.
The above is our Charter.


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