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Voice your voice and fight against injustice

Voice your voice and fight against injustice
2010/6/24 22:28:20
It was often heard that we Chinese compariots oversea were indifferent with politics and would not initiate, join or be involved in a demonstration, strike or even elections. And they would be quite when be encountered with injustice.

These days tens of thousands of Chinese in Paris took a demonstration against violence. It was the first time that oversea Chinese do like that… It was an encourage event.

Always we should remember: whenever and wherever you are encountered with injustice, voice your voice. You can’t be kept from politics.

Having long been living under dictatorship, we Chinese were not used to making use of political ways to express, or voice ourselves. Now the situation should be changed.

Workers should not be intimidated to strike against cold-blooded capitalists, and electors should not be intimidated to vote for their own candidates.

Master the modern rules of game, voice your voice! The louder your voice are, the more possible your rights would be guaranteed.

Don’t forget to be united!


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