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The Evil of Foxconn

The Evil of Foxconn
2010/5/29 14:23:13
1. Deaths of Foxconn employees happened all over the contry, not being known by the public

Eleven deaths have happened in Foxconn. However, it was discovered by journalists that suicides had happened long before the “ten deaths” being concerned, and death incidents like hanging and sudden death had happened in Foxconn factories in Beijing, Langfang, Kunshan, etc.

When these incidents happened, not only the Foxconn employees who know the facts were ordered to shut up, but also the public was kept from knowing with the help of local officials. At least four abnormal deaths have been concealed from last year till now.

As early as the day before the tenth deaths happened, journalists has began investigation over the Foxconn factory in the Longhua area, Shenzhen. At the south gate of the Longhua factory, journalists found that the security is harsh: not only the vehicles were checked, but also there were security guards holding access card checking machines. It was at noon when the workers were going out for lunch. Most of them looked gloomy, not vigorous as a youth in his 20 should be. Along the pavement, there were workers seated or sqatting on the heels, most of which were smoking or in a trance, and few talked.

Press control by conspirating with local officials

The journalist was told by an employee that long before Sun Dangyong incident happened, deaths had happened. Sun Dangyong, a graduate from Harbin Industrial University in 2008, died last year in Foxconn.

Just one day before the Spring Festival holidays began, a male college graduate employee fell from the dormitory building early in the morning. The management exposed the incident by themselves. Information was concealed with the help of the “authority”.

Affirmative information was received from Foxconn factory in Longfang, Hebei province, that from the later half of 2009 to the Spring Festival of 2010, three death events happened in there. They are: Jan 8, Rong Bo, a 19-year old male employee, died of jumping off the building; Feb 23, Wang Lingyan, a 16-year old female employee, died in the bed; and April 23-24, an unsuccessful suicide.

Moreover, on Jan 15, a female employee from Shandong, who was working in the Sony-Ericson manufacturing site of Foxconn in Beijing, hanged herself at the door of the dormitory. It was believed that she had been threatened.

Female worker being suppressed mad in Ma Xiangqian Incident

Beside the press, Foxconn put pressure over the workers who know the facts for their “shut up”. An employee who had worked in the Foxconn factory in Longhua area for more than four years told the journalist that during the Ma Xiangqian Death Incident investigation, the witnesses have been “queationed” and “enclosed” by the security department of Foxconn. One of them, a female employee, was even suppressed mad. Attached Thumbnails
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2. Desperate securiy guards insulting the workers by beating the face with showes 厂区保安肆意横行 殴辱工人拖鞋掴面

Foxconn attributed the deaths to the society. Altough the mismanagement and inhumaneness were admitted by Foxconn, the violence by the securities was avoided. It was said by Foxconn employees that the securites always beat the workers in the factory. They act like cops in the factory.

Last July (2009), Sun Danyong, a college graduate, suicided because of the pressure after lost an iphone set, which stirred up social concern. Later, the chatting record of Sun and his classmate was revealed in a forum, which referred that during the investigation conducted by the company, Sun received humiliation, violence, illegal searching, and illegal imprisonment, etc.

It was revealed that there were “Security administration” and “Environment Safety Office” inside Foxconn. The former was in charge of the security, including the information security. The latter was in charge of environmental pollution, confidentiality, and working injury, etc. With so strong securty team, it was common to see beating events. An employee named Zhang described that he had witnessed the security guards beating the worker with a wooden chair, and the worker was even beaten on the face with shows just because of not bringing with working certificate.

An employee who had worked in the management of Foxconn factories in Longhua, Langfang, etc, told the journalist that the security was part of the “iron and blood ruling” in Foxconn, which was also a separated group of people whom the supreme management depended on to protect their interests. So the problem of the securities would not be referred to, lest it was self-examinated.

He told that the Taiwan cadres always use the securities in dealing with “the dirty”, and interior questioning system was set up. Wu, the head of the securities in the Longhua factory had 2500+ subordinates, and acted like a mafia.

In fact, as early as in last October, the video of the securities who beat the workers in crowd was uploaded to the Internet. Moreover, in the incident of Ma Xiaoqian’s sudden death, it was judged by the Judiciary Identification Center that Ma died of falling, but Ma’s sister insisted that there was wound on the body, and Ma was doubted to be beaten to death during working time. She even knelt on the pavement calling for justice.

Li Jinming, Administrative Manager & Chief Commercial Officer, expressed that the suicide incidents reflected the managing problem, but he did not referred to the problem of the securities.
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