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Lu An-ke (Eckart Loewe)

Lu An-ke (Eckart Loewe)
2010/5/22 17:37:06

Lu Anke (Eckart Loewe) shut his blog, for he is “not being qualified to be a volunteer and teacher”, as well as for he does not wish to be interrupted by the media.

Earlieer this year, the CCTV broadcast an interview with Lu Anke, Eckart Loewe, a German volunteer, which expressed many common Chinese.

But the program brought him with not only than that, but also with a warn given by the Public Department of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region that he is not qualified to be a volunteer and teacher.— On the other word, he would be punished if he appeared on the media and talk about Chinese education again. He might be ousted.

What an strange thing!!!

According to the Public Department of Guangxi Autonomous Region, a foreigner who love China and spares no effort on the education practice in China is not welcomed by the Chinese government!!! A man who behaves like Bethune an Lei Feng is “illegal” in China!!

Things like that have happened more than once. In October 1997, Loewe, who was teaching voluntorily in Nanning Occupational School for the Disabled, Guangxi Province, had been fined 3000 yuan by the Public Bureau of Nanning, with his passport detained.

Loewe has not received any pay for his teaching. And the cost of his life in China has been provided by his parents in Germany. And he even has to save money for the pupils’ textbooks and living.

In 1999, Loewe set up an office in China to legitimize his activism. To explore methods for elementary education he moved to Yangshuo from Nanning, just to avoid the examination-oriented education later. Finally he chose Banlie village, Donglan County, Guangdong.

In the 10+ years in the primary school in Banlie, his food was only things like sweet potato leaves cooked with salt. He even suffered B-hepatitis, as well as traffic accident.

In 2006, Loewe had to leave China once again due to his invalid visa. But it is imaginable to join Chinese nationality. His pratice and researching results were not recognized by the publishers, educators or celebrities. A foreigner who have not made “significant contributions” is not allowed to join Chinese nationality, even he is a true living Bethune or “foreign Lei Feng”.

Loewe returned to Banlie village again, to continue his career as a voluntary teacher. Loewe opened his website and blog too since 2001. In his website, he translated eductional works up to millions of words. In his blog, he posted all his researching results and works, to make sure it may helps when needed.

Loewe had been avoiding being interviewed. When he was prepared to be interviewed earlier this year, he was warned not to!!

A netizen Teng31 commented: The Old Brother had expressed his attitude, “no kind man is tolerated in my world”.


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