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HIV and Backward Ideology

HIV and Backward Ideology
2010/5/3 13:21:20
There used to be no HIV in China. In the 1980s when China began to open, a strange and incurable disease was discovered on those who had visited the opened cities, such as Shenzhen. Later it was know to all that the disease was called AIDS and derived from abuse of sex. And the name was translated to “ai-zi-bing(爱滋病)”, literally “a disease derived from love”. Those who was infected by the disease was regarded morally defected.

There was stories been heard that a girl fell in love with a foreiger, and had sex with him, and later the girl was diagnosed to be infected by AIDS.

But in fact most was not infected through sex. In China’s central province of Henan, many peasants had been made money by selling their blood. The blood buyers, private and illegal, used to use a set of syringes on various blood providers. And AIDS was spred across the rural of Henan.

Gao Yaojie, a retired doctor from Henan, was the first to appeal for the authority’s attention over the spread of AIDS in Henan. But her effort was considered a “blackening” or discrediting to the authority. She and her family suffered great trouble.

Gao, to make a investigation over the issue, often brought food and medicines to the infected peasants. With festering mouth or somewhere else, they used to deny their being infected by AIDS, but when Gao was spreading medicines, some of them would came to fetch. They said it was the local government’s direction to deny the disease.

Although with a ban of rejecting the AIDS-infected foreigners, the authority failed to control the spreading of the disease.

But regrading the propoganda of the advantage of Socialism, the authority used to be reluctant to admit the status of AIDS. Activists like Ms Gao Yaojie was made trouble with.

A similiar story was heard in ancient China: A king was diagnosed to be ill by the famous doctor Bian Que. But the king chose to deny the disease, and later he died due to not being cured in time.

What a fool!

Now it was reported that the State Council declaired lifting the ban over the AIDS-infected foreigners. It is a progress. It is a sign that the authority is not so fool now.

They began to realize that the HIV carriers are not necessarily morally-defected, and they are not necessarily the source of virus-spreading.

There used to be legal discrimination over the B-Heparitis carriers in China, too. And it was recently realized that B-Heparitis carriers are not necessarily the source of virus-spreading. It is a progress.

Anyway, China is making progress.



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