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Funeral industry monopoly: “Can’t afford a death”

Funeral industry monopoly: “Can’t afford a death”
2010/4/4 13:27:07
It is the Qingming Festival again. Topic of “funeral industry monopoly” arises up to us again.

These years the cost for a funeral is more and more expensive, and the funeral service providers earn more and more too.

In China, the funeral industry is monopolized by the State with an excuse of to provide the poor with necessary or fundamental service. The fact is quite the opposite. People sigh for “not affording a death”.

Whenever criticized for monopoly, the civil affairs departments would promise to lower the cost. But monopoly is still there.

State monopoly is so big a problem that most of the people could not bear any more.

The railway industry is also a monopolized one in China. There is a so-called “spring transportation summit period” every year. But the fact is that the railway service is not sufficient all through the year at all!

Even as the seats in the crowded train cars are not sufficient, non-seated tickets are issued every day at a same price with the seated tickets. Every time when I take a train I have to suffer for 8-9 hours.

Whenever there is monopoly, there is no good service. More worse is that it is “State monopoly”.

Patriotism is always interpreted as “to love the State” in China. I am quite puzzled whether the State loves me when I am requested to love the State.



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