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Clean Government and Social Justice to Cure Wealth Gap

Clean Government and Social Justice to Cure Wealth Gap
2010/6/5 16:59:25
It was reported that the Gini Coefficient in China has exceeded 5.0, which is a pre-sign of social unrest as the Gini Coefficient is an index of wealth gap.Without that a coefficient we could feel that the Chinese society is in crisis. What is the cause of the enlarging gap?


Administrative authorities controls all over China, and they are always unchecked. When the officials waste a lot of money on the government buildings, when they reserve better houses for themselves, and when they waste a lot of money on banquets, nobody could prevent them. With theoretically low salary, it is always astonish that they have spared money for gambling in Macau or somewhere else.

Lots of officials have been investigated and punished for corruption. But more are found out. Corruption is so vigorous in China’s political arena!!

There is also hidden corruptions, which seems to be legal but violates the basic social justice. For example, those who work in state-owned companies receive a salary thousands more than those not.

As the state-owned companies was said to be public-owned, how could they be free from public control? It would be impossible that the employees work in the state-owned companies earn so much higher than the national average if those companies were under the control of the public!

Thus a clean government should not only be constantly checked, but also should be deprived with the right to make profit. All “public-owned” businesses should be controlled publicly!!

Social Justice

The words “social justice” or “social equity” means all the people enjoy equal rights, in the form as well as in the substance.

Educational Equity

Recently when I was on a coach to Beijing, I talked with a man from Tianjin, one of the four municipalities directly controlled by the State. He told me that in Tianjin, students scored 400+ could be admitted by the universities, and 450+ could be admitted by those like the Peking University! In my hometown in Shandong, those who scored below 500 could not enter any college or university at all! And those who scored 600+ may not be admitted by the first rank universities.

It was said the inequal practices in the education are the requirement of regional economcal inequality, and the border territories need to be granted with some priviledge. Then why should the regions like Beijing and Tianjin enjoy such priviledge? That talk is in fact a lie!!


There is always a compulse of “nationalisation” in China. Why? Just because China is a socialist country? No, absolutely no. Socialism is basically a lie in China! A “nationalised” business always make the officials rich. That the essence!

In recent years any business that make profits may be nationalised at once, such as what happened in Shanxi, which was called an “Advance of the State-owned economy and retreat of the private economy”.

Unprotected labor class

Just see what happened to the workers in Foxconn!

The main problems are low pay and overtime labor.

There are also other aspects of social injustice in China. And the essence of the “injustice” is what called “power renting”, that is, anybody who holds power would rent it for illegitimate profits. And those who enjoy no power would be greatly depriviledged.

China’s Good Governance

A rising GDP could not solve the social problems in China.

The following is my suggestions:

1. Deprived the government’s all prifitable powers to establish a clean and serving government! This should be backed with democracy and rule of law.

2. All the expenditures of the government should be under public control. Not even a coin should be drawn form the treasury without parliamentary examination.

3. Equal collegiate admission score line.

4. Free labor union for the workers’ rights.

For the sake of the nation, change is in need.



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