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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Henan Petitioners being Kept in Insane Asylum: Cuckoo’s Nest

In the film One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, the hero MacMurphy was sent to insane asylum by pretending to be insane to escape labor in the prison. Finally he died there. In today’s China we’ve got cuckoo’s nests all over the country where innocent petitioners were imprisoned.

Earlier this month, Peng Baoquan, a netizen from Shiyan, Hubei province, was reported being detained by the police and sent to an insane asylum, just because of his taking photoes of the petitioners. (Yangcheng Daily)

On April 17, a similar case was discovered by Chinese Youth Daily journalist. The hero now is called Xu Lindong from Henan province.

Xu has been imprisoned in the insane asylum for six and a half years!

According to Xu’s family, Xu Lindong, enthusiastic on helping others against injustice, wrote petitioning materials for his disable neighbor Liu Guizhi in 1997. Liu was then disputed with the local township(commune) government on housing land affairs and was cheated by the government.

In October 2003, the Township Government of Daliu, which was troubled a lot by Xu’s petitions, brought him back by force from Beijing, and detained him in the Insane Asylum of Zhumadian Municipal. In December 7, 2009, Xu was transfered to the Insane Asylum of Leihe Municipal. Fearing that Xu would continue petitioning after being released, the Township Government of Daliu even afforded 1000 yuan per month of the charge.

Before the China Youth Daily journalist, Xu, clear-minded, took out a pen and wrote on paper with words: "Save me, I want to get out." He signed his name cautionally with date.

On April 21, the journalist saw Xu’s medical record and bill for charge, which proved that Xu was sent to the asylum without being known by his family.

On April 22, Xu’s brother went to the Insane Asylum of Leihe Municipal and requested for Xu’s quitting hospital. Ding Hongyun, vice-chief of the Asylum declined at once: "No. You the family are not granted to do so as it was determined by the township government."

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